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All bookings through our website are for private hiring of the field. This means that nobody else will be there, unless you invite them to join you! 

We regularly advertise 'group bookings' at the field which can be arranged via Facebook. These are socialisation sessions/play dates. Groups are split based on age/size and allow for safe interactions. 


A fun and safe space for all dogs and their owners


We have a maintained trail in our field which measures approximately 1.3km as a loop but there's plenty of direction options! With 3 acres of space, we are sure you'll be worn out by the end of your walk.


The carpark of Harry's Hideout has recently been fenced separately, creating an 'air-lock'. This allows for cars to come in and out, while dogs remain safe. It can also help to get your dog back in the car, rather than them defying you in the far corner!


The full perimeter of Harry's Hideout is fenced with 6ft deer fencing, as well as rabbit netting pinned along the bottom half to keep everyone safely inside - big and small!


Harry's Hideout features a pond in one of the corners. If your dogs are anything like ours, they'll be obsessed with water. Sometimes you don't want a full-scale military operation of drying before entering the house, that's why we have fenced it off. This means you can use it as/when you want. 


We want our field to be exciting for everyone, not just dogs that need a secure place. That's why we have areas specifically for play. An agility field in place and an obstacle course coming soon (!), should be enough to entertain the other 'Harry's' out there!


Sit back and relax. With benches dotted around the field, you can enjoy some peace while the dogs run wild. Going for a walk shouldn't be stressful, and we live by that motto.

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