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Before Booking

Please read the below information and be sure to tick the box on the payment page to agree with the details outlined below!

Terms and Conditions

  • Any dog brought in to Harry's Hideout is the owner's responsibility and risk. Harry's Hideout will not be held responsible for any illness or injury obtained within our fencing. 

  • There is currently NO fresh water on site and it is your responsibility to bring your own.

  • Please ensure dogs are supervised at all times.

  • We will provide dog poo bags (if you don't have any) and a bin, so please try your best to clear up after your dogs, ensuring a great experience for everyone attending.

  • Please arrive at the right time (and not early!) - we have made a 10 minute window so you hopefully never have to bump in to anyone else. We are all using the field for different reasons, so please respect that not all dogs might be friendly.

  • Similarly, please leave on time! 

Our Services

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