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Answers to some of the most common questions, but please contact us if you need more information!

  • How many dogs can I take to Harry's Hideout?

We offer bookings for up to 6 dogs, but please contact us if you wish to bring additional and we'll see if we can help. 

  • How do I get in?

We have a padlock on the front gate with a combination. You will be messaged with the combination each time you book (the combination will change weekly)

  • How safe is the field? Will my dog definitely stay inside?

We've had huskies for years and know how worrying it can be letting dogs off the lead. The whole of our field is fenced with 6ft high deer fencing, with rabbit netting along the bottom 3ft, which is also pinned to the floor. 

  • Where is Harry's Hideout?

We are located on the Lhanbryde to Garmouth road. When you swing in towards the gate, there is enough space for one car, allowing you to open the gate before entering. If you don't feel there's enough room, feel free to use the lay-by opposite.

  • How long can I stay in the secure field?

Each session booked is 50 minutes long. This allows for a 10 minute changeover, without you bumping in to any other people. Feel free to book two back-to-back sessions if you wish and this will entitle you to 1hr50 in the field.

  • Is there water on site?

Our secure field has a pond in it, allowing for a dip, if you wish (it's fenced off). We are also in the process of getting a tap installed - so please ensure you bring your own water with you for now. 

  • Will I see any other animals or people?

We are lucky enough to be located just off the main road and there may occasionally be people walking past. Also, we are set within agricultural fields and therefore there are cows nearby. They tend to keep to themselves though, and in time we will grow hedges to block any views.

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