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Bikejor/Scooter & Canicross

As you might have seen from our 'About The Race Team' page, we compete in sled dog sports all around the world and we really enjoy sharing our love of the sport with others. We are the Sporty Paws Ltd Head Instructors in Canicross & Bikejor/Scooter and we teach a variety of courses around the country, from absolute beginner, to instructor-level. 

Please click the button below if you are interested in our upcoming courses in the Moray area. 

Already know what you're doing, but you're looking for some like-minded people in the area? Take a look at our club!

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More Info About Us

Hi, we’re Jess & Jambo; experienced instructors and mushers with a variety of dogs (x14+!).

Between us, we have been running and racing dogs for over 25 years. We have raced both nationally and internationally for Team GB and have a wealth of experience when it comes to training, running and racing dogs – you’ll definitely be looked after with us. We will be sharing our knowledge, experience and tried and tested methods when you come to us and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Jambo first started mushing with his dogs Cash & Codi in 2008. He quickly discovered the buzz of running with a team of dogs and that’s when China joined in. All of Jambo’s dogs are initially trained on either a bike or a scooter, before they ‘make the team’ and he’s therefore confident that 6 dogs+ aren’t going to drag him in to a hedge! Jess started Canicross in 2014 with her GSD Harry and they soon became addicted to getting out and about together and meeting likeminded people. It was an opportunity to keep fit, maintain a bond and get a good dose of fresh air. During those years, we have had a wide range of dog breeds, from huskies and german shepherds, through to alaskans, eurohounds and greysters. Our training and experiences have naturally changed over this period and we are confident in the tried and tested methods we will be passing on to you.

We were utterly delighted to have become Head Instructors for Sporty Paws in 2021 and we are confident our courses will allow you to have the confidence to start something new with your dog, or improve your existing skills. We are huge believers in ‘grass roots’ participation and strive to see our ‘sport’ grow within the UK. It’s not all about international racing, and we know everyone must start at the beginning one day! It’s all about getting out of the house and enjoying the time you have with your dogs.

We really look forward to meeting you on our courses.

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